Kinetic Turtle (kineticturtle) wrote in ioproject,
Kinetic Turtle


Uh, so, yeah. We were pretty hyped about our last show.
It's hard to say that this was in any way a "departure" from our previous style(s), but in some ways I think it was. Perhaps more of a focus on certain things.

After seeing the Múm show, we changed a few things. We added trumpet and melodica (a pretty blatant nod to Múm), and wrote more songy-things.

I'm very curious as to what people think about this, if you think it was good/bad vs. previous shows (both the show and where our style is headed).

Also notes about stage presence; I think we had more, but it's still very different from the kind of stage presence posessed by a band like T9, or even Why? and Miss Ohio's. We're still very quiet, very introspective. Comments? Does it work?

Jason is out of town for another week or two or something, driving back from Florida with his brother in his (Jason's) new car. Pretty exciting...
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