Kinetic Turtle (kineticturtle) wrote in ioproject,
Kinetic Turtle

Hi everybody.

Tonight, Thursday July 19th at 8PM (or so, no later than 8:30PM)
at Epic Arts Studios, 1923 Ashby in Berkeley (across the street from Ashby Bart)
$5-10 sliding scale (nobody turned away for lack of funds)

We'll be playing our first show in a few months, kinda going back to the setup and feel of our last (very successful) show at Epic, but with some new twists and some new instruments, and plenty of new songs (but also a little something recognizeable). For those of you who have been waiting to hear us again, here's your chance.

also featuring:
Mandrake - I went to see these guys play for us in their apartment; not quite rock, not quite classical, not quite anything in particular except themselves, they are an awesome blend of acoustic sounds by some soulful, well trained musicians.

Liam McCormick - we can always expect a good rockout from this man, of course.


In the works are;
an album (probably in EP format)
a CSUH "recital" with us performing our own works (solo, composition and MP&JC) on harpsichord and classical guitar
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