Kinetic Turtle (kineticturtle) wrote in ioproject,
Kinetic Turtle

Almost forgot about this journal.

A few things:

1) I should have posted about the show that we were playing as part of the quintet, but I didn't think about it. Not that it matters, everybody in this group is in the r_i_d one too...
The show was freakin' awesome, as was the recital before that day.

2) Jason and will pick up rehearsal again soon, and we will be playing on July 29th at Epic Arts. More information on that show as we gather it.
The show will be titled "Liam McCormick Sings the Blues". Liam McCormick will be in it, but he will not be singing the blues.

3) Meanwhile, Jason will be playing solo at the Oakland Metro on June 10th. Also at this show will be Ian Carstair (incorrectly spelled on all current flyers as "Ian Carstairs") also formerly of The Uldras. This will also be Outbound's last show, and the mini-tour farewell show for Tensegrity Nine.

4) More immediately, The Electronic Quintet will be playing a recial Thursday, May 27th at 7:00PM (that's tomorrow night!) at Cal State Hayward in the music building. This is the general combo recital, and we're playing second. Also appearing are our good friends the Dixieland combo, and both of the normal class combos. We will be playing our exact set that we would have played at Reno had we gotten a slot. I'll be playing mostly electronically prepared piano.

5) We're still looking for a new name. When we find one, I'll be paying for an LJ name change for this community.
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