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Matt Payne & Jason Countryman [entries|friends|calendar]
Matt Payne & Jason Countryman

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[27 Feb 2008|03:09pm]

Oh yeah, huh.

Jason and I are still busy together. A lot has happened between the last entry in this journal and now; Tensegrity Nine recorded an album, and Jason appears on it. Jason joined two bands with former Uldras members; Malkovich Malkovich and Asthma Attack. Both of those bands later broke up. Matt did a bunch of other stuff too.

But now, Jason and I are in a new band with former Malkovich Malkovich drummer Brandon Martinez. We're called
Falls Protocol.

In some ways, this is a departure from our musical history; we're a "real rock band" now. Jason is playing electric guitar through a tube amp, and I'm playing electric bass guitar through a stack of speakers, while Brandon plays a traditional drum set. While we both use effects, often rather blatantly, neither of us is using a really inordinate amount of pedals. There are no laptops, drum machines, contact microphones on lamps or samples taken from answering machine tapes.

This isn't to say there's nothing recognizable here; Jason and I still sing in harmony, a lot, and the writing (primarily Jason's) is still a little edgy; you'll want to rock out, but it's also still challenging.

We have this website, which is actually a myspace, but you can get there (and hear some samples!) by visiting http://www.fallsprotocol.com

We're playing a show this coming Friday the 29th. We may not have another show for a bit, because I'll be playing in a run of the musical "Chicago" at Altarena starting the weekend after, but then again maybe we'll have a weekday show. Regardless, this is our first show as a band like this, and it's not to be missed. I mean, I won't miss it.
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Hi. [07 Aug 2004|02:45pm]

Uh, so, yeah. We were pretty hyped about our last show.
It's hard to say that this was in any way a "departure" from our previous style(s), but in some ways I think it was. Perhaps more of a focus on certain things.

After seeing the Múm show, we changed a few things. We added trumpet and melodica (a pretty blatant nod to Múm), and wrote more songy-things.

I'm very curious as to what people think about this, if you think it was good/bad vs. previous shows (both the show and where our style is headed).

Also notes about stage presence; I think we had more, but it's still very different from the kind of stage presence posessed by a band like T9, or even Why? and Miss Ohio's. We're still very quiet, very introspective. Comments? Does it work?

Jason is out of town for another week or two or something, driving back from Florida with his brother in his (Jason's) new car. Pretty exciting...
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Hi everybody. [29 Jul 2004|10:14am]

Tonight, Thursday July 19th at 8PM (or so, no later than 8:30PM)
at Epic Arts Studios, 1923 Ashby in Berkeley (across the street from Ashby Bart)
$5-10 sliding scale (nobody turned away for lack of funds)

We'll be playing our first show in a few months, kinda going back to the setup and feel of our last (very successful) show at Epic, but with some new twists and some new instruments, and plenty of new songs (but also a little something recognizeable). For those of you who have been waiting to hear us again, here's your chance.

also featuring:
Mandrake - I went to see these guys play for us in their apartment; not quite rock, not quite classical, not quite anything in particular except themselves, they are an awesome blend of acoustic sounds by some soulful, well trained musicians.

Liam McCormick - we can always expect a good rockout from this man, of course.


In the works are;
an album (probably in EP format)
a CSUH "recital" with us performing our own works (solo, composition and MP&JC) on harpsichord and classical guitar
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[26 Jul 2004|02:33am]

Thursday, July 29 @ 8pm

We play at Epic Arts Studios.

It is going to be amazing. Center of the universe amazing.
Everyone should be there. No, really: everyone.
Bring families, including ones that are not your own.
Co-workers, co-habitaters, life-partners, flings, friends and people that maybe you don't even like.
That good. mmmyes.

also see Mandrake, Liam McCormick. extra incentive.

1923 Ashby.
across from ashby BART.
it's got a non-descript door leading stairs up, up and away.
You'll find it; you've got to trust in yourself.
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Almost forgot about this journal. [26 May 2004|01:05pm]

A few things:

1) I should have posted about the show that we were playing as part of the quintet, but I didn't think about it. Not that it matters, everybody in this group is in the r_i_d one too...
The show was freakin' awesome, as was the recital before that day.

2) Jason and will pick up rehearsal again soon, and we will be playing on July 29th at Epic Arts. More information on that show as we gather it.
The show will be titled "Liam McCormick Sings the Blues". Liam McCormick will be in it, but he will not be singing the blues.

3) Meanwhile, Jason will be playing solo at the Oakland Metro on June 10th. Also at this show will be Ian Carstair (incorrectly spelled on all current flyers as "Ian Carstairs") also formerly of The Uldras. This will also be Outbound's last show, and the mini-tour farewell show for Tensegrity Nine.

4) More immediately, The Electronic Quintet will be playing a recial Thursday, May 27th at 7:00PM (that's tomorrow night!) at Cal State Hayward in the music building. This is the general combo recital, and we're playing second. Also appearing are our good friends the Dixieland combo, and both of the normal class combos. We will be playing our exact set that we would have played at Reno had we gotten a slot. I'll be playing mostly electronically prepared piano.

5) We're still looking for a new name. When we find one, I'll be paying for an LJ name change for this community.
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Hiiii. [31 Mar 2004|09:44am]

We will be playing a full set on April 16th as part of a (R)(id) show featuring Victoria Collins.

It will be at the Oakland Metro, 201 Broadway in Oakland, right in/by Jack London Square. We're closing the show.

The show is at 8:30, the doors open at 7:45.

There will be an open mic with limited signup. Signup begins at 7:45.

$5-7 sliding scale.

See you there?

Also, we're trying to change our name. Any ideas?
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Correction: [10 Mar 2004|09:38pm]

Io will not be performing on May 7th at Epic Arts due to a conflict in Jason Countryman's schedule.

Also, Ian Carstair will also not be involved because we can't get a hold of him, really.

The final layout of the show is yet to be decided.
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Any King, Any Path [04 Mar 2004|03:30pm]

A (R)(id) show at Epic Arts Studios.

Featuring a cohesive music and poetry act by Peter Lim, Shaun Nichols, Nate Bernot, Matt Payne and Jason Countryman.
Also featuring performances by Mike Pauker (website), Liam McCormick (website) and possibly others.
Also featuring DJ Raul Pelayo on the 1s and 2s.
Friday, May 7, 8:00pm
Epic Arts Studios
1923 Ashby, Berkeley, CA
Sliding scale $5-10.

Check it out. Yes, we're pushing boundaries and stuff.
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[18 Feb 2004|10:56pm]

Jason Countryman, Senior Recital
Saturday March 6th at 8pm
at Cal State Hayward in the Music Building
Featuring classical guitar and works by the composer.

Works by Bach, Bogdanovic and Piazzolla.
Works for several chamber ensembles (which may or may not include electronics), with music drawing from classical and modern traditions, jazz and whatever else I could get my hands on - even some noise-hop. Seriously (*ahem*).

This is kind of my last hurrah at Cal State, and it will at least attempt to span what I've been doing here and put a big period on it, thereby allowing me to go on to the next video game level of my life. It should be ___ (fun? yes, fun.) if nothing else, and there will be a reception afterwards, for those who desire work-free sustenance (score!).

Don't know where to go? some of you might not remember these directions, as they've been in hypersleep for some time:

from Mission you take Carlos Bee up to campus (veer right of the big red CSUH sign, before the light).
left at stop sign. (big red electrobillboard in front of stop.)
take a right at the next stop sign, in towards the huge parking lot area.
another stop sign. take a right into this parking lot (adjacent to studio theater).
park, other rituals, exit car, walk towards studio theater from parking lot.
follow the concrete pathway past the studio theater and nearby theater department. not too long after should be the music department building. it's a donut shape....maybe like pac man since it has a big gaping maw in front.
go in the maw, and enter doors on either side. the recital hall is pretty close to the direct rear of what would figuratively be pac man's head. the recital hall is pretty obvious, but there should be a chalkboard in front of it directing you where to enter. hopefully it'll point you to the outside/rear entrance.

so, yeah, that's it. hope all is well, and look forward to seeing all of you that can attend.

email me or call if you have questions or need better directions, that kind of thing.


(this event will most certainly include matt and myself doing our thing, my thing and doing some other things. No quoting that, please.)
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Io setlist for 1/16/04, Epic Arts [17 Jan 2004|10:11am]

[recording of Jenna Countryman on the radio]
[untitled song with phat beat and detuning effect]
[recordings of YOSAC rehearsal and sample of bad seventies song at high speed]
Half a Soda

talking break

[no words/irony is a deader sean/untitled]
[sample of "insen" recorded at CSUH with Jason on guitar and vocals and Matt on drums]

coffee table pimp mother
[recording of old improvisation]
Mushroom Eyes
into the ground
[improvisation based on "Detergent Samba", including samples of old and new improvisations]

Thank you everybody who came and supported. I can't tell you how much it means to us. You are what truly makes these shows incredible.

We'll be playing on the stree on Monday. Possibly more info about that to come.
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[15 Jan 2004|11:09am]

(R)evolutionary (Id)entity presents:
Under the Radar: An evening of electronic music
January 16, 2004 (Friday) @ 8pm
Epic Arts Studios, 1923 Ashby
(across the street from Ashby BART in Berkeley)
Featuring live musical performances by:
Io (Matt Payne, Jason Countryman)
& Tensegrity Nine (Peter Lim, Matt Payne)
Hosted by the lovely and talented prowess of punk, Shaun Nichols,
the turntable-istic magic of Raul Pelayo, Jr.,
and poetry on the side.
$3-5 sliding scale ...
 ...this promises to be a great show, with music that draws from a wide variety of styles, in a relaxed, comfortable setting. Please come out to support and enjoy.
- jason, matt + peter
(R)evolutionary (Id)entity
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CORRECTION [11 Dec 2003|07:28pm]

Io will not be playing the AHS electronic music concert on Friday the 19th. Jason will be out of town.

However, our piece "Talk Like a Decryption" will be played, and I will be performing in duet with Joe Simiele.

Also, there will be a (r)(id) show on January 16th, at which Io will perform. Other artists names are in the works.
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Another show? [05 Dec 2003|11:27pm]

Keep the night of Friday, December 19th open.
We're playing as the featured guest artists at Alameda High's electronic music showcase, at AHS' Little Theatre at about 7:30.

Much more details (like price, exact time, other artists) later.
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[29 Nov 2003|09:19am]

In addendum to the last entry in this community, not only will Io be playing at SLOWdance, but we'll be the closing act. It will be improvised. So here's a repost of this junk:

Co-hosted by Paolo Sambrano and Elsie Militar

Where : The Canvas Gallery
1200 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA
When : Sunday, December 14, 2003
4pm - 7pm
Cost : Free (donation requested)

radpaolo's "J-Lo Film Retrospective", which we scored, will be screened.
Peter and I will be playing a duet set to open up the night, including bridgeway classics, solo works, and a few suprises.
Other short films will also be screened.
Io will close the night out with an improvised set, aided by the video work of Paolo himself.

Come on out. It'll be phat.
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An event! [20 Nov 2003|10:37am]

Co-hosted by Paolo Sambrano and Elsie Militar

Where : The Canvas Gallery
1200 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA
When : Sunday, December 14, 2003
4pm - 7pm
Cost : Free (donation requested)

Although Io will not be playing at this event, radpaolo's "J-Lo Film Retrospective", which we scored, will be screened.
Peter and I will be playing a duet set to open up the night, including bridgeway classics, solo works, and a few suprises.
Other short films will also be screened. Another band might make an appearance.

Come on out. It'll be phat.
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OH JEEBUS [03 Nov 2003|09:20am]

I just realized that this would have been a really obvious thing to post, and I didn't do it.

Saturday, November 1st was Jason's birthday! Everybody wish him a happy birthday... even though now it's late.
I mean, I saw him on his birthday, but none of you know... oh jeez I'm a goofball sometimes.
Also, Claire's birthday is tomorrow. Wish her a happy one as well.
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[02 Nov 2003|11:45pm]

About the party: let's just say we learned a lesson about audience targeting.

We introduced some new songs, but we'll just pretend we didn't and we can introduce them again later.

This week we're focusing on scoring radpaolo's film. Lots of anime-type music, weird orchestral things. A mix of the goofy and the grandiose. Should be cool. Susan and I will both be appearing in said film.
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[31 Oct 2003|12:47pm]

Peter had a dream about us last night.
Matmos didn't exist, and we occupied the niche that they currently occupy. We were playing with Björk. He woke up still believing this.

Don't forget our show at the party tonight! See y'all there!
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We're playing on Halloween. [28 Oct 2003|12:27pm]


We'll be playing a show Halloween night, in Berkeley.
It's a party. Party starts at 9, we'll be playing at 10.

This is a costume party!
So wear a costume.

2444 Carleton St. Unit 1
Berkeley, CA 94704
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[27 Oct 2003|03:25am]

Soon we begin scoring
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Soon we begin scoring <lj-user="pheardapowah">'s short film "The Jennifer Lopez Film Retrospective". Lots of anime, game boy and biblical sounding music. It should be great. More info later.

Also, Halloween we'll be playing a party in Berkeley on Telegraph at around 10PM, courtesy of this girl Jessica who works with Peter. More info on that later.

Nobody ever seems to comment in this community. Why is that? . Jason's last post seemed pretty thought-or-at-least-comment-provoking to me.
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